Blackberry Storm2 cannot log in to mail system

We use the email username format user.domain.tld on our system. We have a customer who is trying to setup their Blackberry Storm2 (Outlook, webmail, etc all work fine). Apparently the Blackberry will not accept usernames in this format - it expects an @ symbol in the username.

Do you have any insight on this, workarounds.

-- Craig



I'm looking into this...

I'm looking into whether it's possible to use an email username that doesn't contain an '@' symbol on a Blackberry. It would surprise me if that were a requirement, as a lot of ISP's don't use that format.

I haven't yet managed to get ahold of any folks I know who own a Blackberry though, so I haven't been able to test this.

In the meantime -- one option you have is to go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain, and to set "Format for usernames that include domain" to the "user@domain" format.

That won't change existing users, but you can always delete the user account and re-create it.

Well, I wasn't able to find anyone with a Storm2 in order to test this out, but I do see the screenshots of how the email account setup works.

It appears that, at a certain point in the setup process, it asks for "Email Address" and "Password".

What I'd suggest doing there is entering exactly that -- the email address and password.

When working with other email clients that ask similar questions, what will often happen is that the client will attempt some auto-configuration, and will ask for further input if things aren't working right.

For example, in this case here, it would probably automatically determine your incoming and outgoing server based on the email address, but with the username not working, it may simply ask for the correct username at that point.