Does Allowed Alias Types do anything?

Seems like it does not work.

This is found under System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Server administrator privileges as Allowed alias types.

If I de-select a bunch of them (with Update all webmin users after configuration changes checked, and, log in as a user, I can still do any alias action I want.

I was trying to disable some of them. I can't for the life of me stop them from entering any email address they want for example. Nothing turns anything off near as I can tell.

Perhaps it does not apply to existing users? Though, that update all webmin users... option is sure confusing if that is the case.



They should limit which alias types you can use on the advanced tab of the Edit Mail Alias page.

What type are you trying to disallow use of, and on which page is it still visible?

I've tried most of them (disabling), down to 3,4,5.

As far as where, where the user would see it, which is Edit Mail Aliases in Virtualmin. Not a thing changes on that screen, or the advanced tab of that screen.

That's odd, as this works fine for me (on the advanced tab). It only apples to domain owners though, not the root user.

So, you are saying for you...

You can totally disable someone being able to create an alias to an external email address when logged in as a owner (not root)? Using the screen I said?

I cannot do so. Unless, simply clicking as root to "Switch to Server's admin" somehow works differently. When I do, I see ALL capabilities. I cannot stop entering of external email to alias.

Ok, I see what you mean now .. currently, the allowed alias types only effects the "Advanced mode" tab of the Edit Alias page. It doesn't effect the "Basic mode" tab, but that has fewer allowed options, all of which are reasonable safe. The allowed alias types option is designed to prevent creation of aliases which deliver to arbitrary programs on the server.

I would be interested to know why you are trying to prevent creation of aliases that forward to external addresses?

Well, just playing with it more than anything to see what all it does (aliases). More than I thought.

I am out of town in Hawaii, so, if you feel that the non advanced screen works, then just close this as I won't have time to write more, and I don't get back until Sept 7.

Actually only the "advanced" tab fully respects those limits.