Mailman Not Delivering Messaages

I'm not exactly sure how to proceed at this point. I attached my mail log for 8/18 for the particular issue I am having.

I installed Virtualmin from the install link provided on my Virtualmin account. It setup Postfix and Mailman. Though someone might want to have it also setup the 110 and 587 ports as part of the open ports on the firewall as I had to figure out that's what was going on when we couldn't send/receive. Everything appears to be correct and runs, except Mailman.

It set the lists up. I can edit their preferences without issue. I even receive mail into the list, and it archives it.

I get the bounce processing emails, and list creation emails.

None of the lists, on any of the domains, will distribute the mail out to the members on the lists.

I have verified all users on the lists are valid users and can send/receive mail otherwise.

Postfix 2.3.3 Mailman 2.19



I found out the error.

The lists were named ib-staff@ and astral-staff@. When I changed them to ibstaff@ they worked fine.

It has to do with how Postfix records the aliases. It makes them ibstaff-domain.

Is there a place I can fix that so if people want to have the - in their list name they can?

Actually a list with a - in the name should work fine. Email not being sent could be caused by the mailman background process not running, which you can start with the command service mailman start