disabled website unreachable

Hi I had a clients website disabled automatically through WHMCS. Usually one would see the site with the text WEBSITE DISABLED or with some other landing page of my choice.
Now the website is not reachable at all and DNS checks with "returned REFUSED code"
The client can not see his page with the reason why his website was disabled.

Why has this behaviour changed this way? Or is it a bug? I have the lastest packages on CentOS 5.6



As Locutus said, but default the DNS domain is disabled too .. but you can change this at at System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Features to deactivate when disabling.

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Submitted by ronald on Wed, 08/17/2011 - 02:05 Pro Licensee

This was never the expected behaviour so something changed in Virtualmin and it wasn't clear enough to me that it did.
A disabled website used to show a page with reasons for a client, now it doesn't serve a page at all, leaving the surfer only with confusion.

I have found the setting and unselected the BIND option, which should be the default behaviour.
It makes no sense at all to not serve a page when disabled.

thank you for the tip

The default for new installs has always been to disable DNS as well .. and we haven't changed that for a long time.

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Submitted by ronald on Wed, 08/17/2011 - 13:48 Pro Licensee

This install is from 3 years ago, but now that I know it is no biggie.

thank you