Bad quota calculation

Home disk space used (including sub-servers)
5.43 GB (5.36 GB by server administrator, 0 bytes by mail / FTP users)


vcp:~# du --max-depth=1 -h /home/forumcv/
4.0K /home/forumcv/domains
4.0K /home/forumcv/.mc
4.0K /home/forumcv/logs
56K /home/forumcv/etc
380K /home/forumcv/awstats
12K /home/forumcv/.usermin
17M /home/forumcv/public_html
8.0K /home/forumcv/cgi-bin
4.0K /home/forumcv/tmp
4.0K /home/forumcv/homes
8.0K /home/forumcv/fcgi-bin
17M /home/forumcv/

Also "Check Disk Quotas" - did not helps....



Howdy -- if the user happens to have files owned by them elsewhere on the filesystem, those would be included in the disk quota as well.

Virtualmin doesn't calculate disk quotas, those are retrieved using the Linux quota tools, so the server itself is what thinks the user is using that space.

To see what files on the server are owned by that user, you can run this command:

find / -user forumcv

If I had to take a guess at the issue -- using ClamAV in standalone mode, rather than server mode, can cause extra files to be stored in /tmp. Using the server mode can prevent that.

But, I'd suggest running that "find" command to verify that's actually the issue before making changes to your ClamAV settings :-)