zone default for new virtual servers....

On "BIND DNS records for new domains"

I wanna retain all the record generated by the server excluding

However if i add the record below on "BIND DNS records for new domains" , a duplicate record "mail" will show up on the zone file.

mail.${DOM}. IN A

Any easy way to solve this problem?



If I recall correctly, the only way to not have the mail hostname - or other basic names like www - auto-generated is to turn off the auto-generation completely and use your custom zone file layout instead. You can do that by setting the radio button to Use only the records above. (I think mail will only be generated if the server has the Mail feature enabled.)

Be sure though to have a correct and functional zone file template in BIND DNS records for new domains then, because otherwise BIND will refuse to load your zone completely. The help page for BIND DNS records has some useful hints like variable substitutions to use in your template.

Locutus's method is basically correct ..

Why do you not want to use Virtualmin's generated mail record though?