i wasn't given the username & password to access my control panel

hi, thanks for your support. i was just now installed free control panel Webmin & Virtualmin. and now it's working, but i don't know what's the username and password to that? and i wasn't asking to set any username or password during the installation process of the free control panel.

can anybody help where to find the right username and password to login my control panel?



Howdy -- you can log into Virtualmin using the user "root", along with the root password that was setup when your distribution was installed.

but i was not given any chance to input the password. thing is i purchased the vps from Virpus, cent os 5.4 32bit. then i installed the Webmin & Virtualmin free edition. what shall i do now?

If I may:

To install Webmin and Virtualmin, you probably logged in to the server via SSH (secure shell), to execute the installation script, is that correct? Also, to install software of this kind, you usually need to log in as root.

The same password you used to log in as "root" to your shell, you can also use to log in to Webmin as user "root", which will give you full access to Virtualmin.

If my assumption is incorrect, please let us know how you installed Webmin. Also, if in doubt, you should be able to get the root password from your hoster (or have them change it for you). It would appear rather odd that they would not inform you about the root password for a newly set up server, since you need it to do anything with the server.

Yeah, Locutus is correct -- if you don't have your server's username and password, your provider -- Virpus -- would have that information for you. If you contact them, they should be able to get you straightened out.