Account not disabled if using "Website Redirects"

I have noticed that when a user configures "Website Redirects" and then their account is disabled (Manually) that the AliasMatch line is added below any RedirectMatch lines that are used to redirect parts of the domain.

Instead the server should add the AliasMatch line that disables the Apache portion of the Virtual Host so that users get the disabled message instead of actually being redirected.

Example with 1 Website Redirect and account disabled:

RedirectMatch /(.)$ AliasMatch ^/.$ /etc/webmin/virtual-server/disabledweb/13116484435940.html



Thanks for pointing this out .. I'll look into fixing it for the next release.

Actually, your proposed fix won't work :-( It turns out that Apache always processes Redirects before Aliases, so the ordering in the config doesn't matter ...

Hmm, that stinks.

What if you do all the Redirecting in .htaccess and disabling in httpd.conf? Apache will always run what is in httpd.conf before .htaccess.

That would break if .htaccess files are disabled in the apache config though..

Make .htaccess and enabled requirement for Redirects?

I dunno, just ideas :p

Yeah, that might work ... I will look into this some more and see if there is another solution.