Sticky Feature in Edit Virtual Server Page

I hope I'm not missing something obvious here...

Updated Virtualmin 3.86 Pro.

When I de-select (disable):

Edit Virtual Server -> Configurable settings -> Account plan -> Apply limits from new plan if changed

Then click Save Virtual Server, the checkbox does not stay if the checkbox doesn't work any more.

I cleared my browser cache and restarted my browser (Firefox 4).

Essentially, this is a one-off customization (in-house virtual server) where I don't need the plan to ever be updated.



Closed (fixed)


That checkbox actually controls if the limits from the new plan you select are applied to the virtual server - it isn't a sticky selection, as in almost all cases you do want the new plan settings to be applied.

Could you explain further what kind of plan change you are trying to make?

Ahh. The light dawns...

Well, I guess that I should be transferred to the Feature Request Department then. Sorry for the support request.

We have been making changes to our hosting plans and the problem we ran into is that a few of the virtual servers had been customized...mailboxes added, quotas expanded, that sort of thing. Of course, if you modify the plan, the changes are (properly) propagated to the vservers using that plan...but the customizations are overwritten.

I assumed that the checkbox for "Apply limits from new plan if changed" was sticky and would prevent the customizations from being overwritten if the plan were changed. That way, the intent of the checkbox would be respected whether you were changing the vserver assigned to the plan or changing the plan itself.

In other words, if I customized a vserver by adding mailboxes or upping their quota, I could also uncheck the "Apply limits from new plan if changed" box so that it would remain forever customized.



Ok .. so one option would be to create a new plan (perhaps called "custom settings") and change all these virtual servers to it, but without applying the limits for the new plan. As long as you don't change your "custom settings" plan in future, virtual server settings won't be touched..

In the end, that's what I did.

The good news is that we'll never change the Custom plan.

The bad news is that we can't start with one of the other plans that would be closest to the final plan. And of course, we would almost always want to do that.

All currently customized vservers started out as one of the standard plans, then got expanded.

As we have expanded our selection of plans to fit almost all use cases, this will work.

Thanks much,