Install Fails Centos 5.6

I've used the GPL version for a year or so, decided to pay you guys for your work. Trying to install on a new server and get this message:

INFO - Download of Succeeded. error: open of <!DOCTYPE failed: No such file or directory error: open of HTML failed: No such file or directory error: open of PUBLIC failed: No such file or directory

And the install hangs at that point. Tried several times, always hangs at that point.




Howdy -- I have a few questions for you regarding your setup --

  1. Is this a dedicated server or a VPS? If a VPS, do you know which kind?

  2. What is the output of "free -m"

  3. If you look at line 61 and 62 of your script, you should see lines that begin with "SERIAL=" and "KEY=" -- those should each be followed by your actual serial number and license key. Do you see those listed in there?

A VPS on a dediserve account. I installed the gpl version without a problem, so I blew it up, reinstalled the VPS, then tried again and it worked. No idea why.

But it seems to be working now, although it uses a LOT more ram. Not sure I understand why just yet. The GPL version was running the server with about 440k, this one is using just over 1 gig.

The GPL and Pro installations should both use similar amounts of RAM.

Is it possible your old setup was 32 bit, and your new install is 64 bit? A 64 bit OS uses about twice as much RAM.

No, the GPL server was Centos 5.6 64 bit also. I'll finish restoring a few backups and let it stabilize, then check again.