Piping backups to scp in stead of storing it local first

Would it be possible to pipe the output of the backup command directly to scp instead of storing it local first?

In my case, we have some fairly large sites and they fill up the /tmp partition when backuping to 100% so the backup fails. I know I can set it to use another directory/partition but I think it would be better to just pipe it directly to scp.



Well, our recommendation would be to use the "Transfer each virtual server after it is backed up" option, and possibly using a different partition.

The problem is that a lot goes into generating the backups, it's more than just running a tar command on data in the home directory.

I'll see if Jamie has any further comments on all that, but the above options were designed for the situation you're running into :-)

I don't think scp accepts input via stdin though ... Only ssh does. However, if Virtualmin was to pipe into ssh then backups to destinations only accept scp via an scponly shell wouldn't work..