"Services / Configure Website" pointing to wrong site when renaming sub-servers

During my current tests I stumbled over the following.

I have a server "test.tianet.de". I created two sub-servers "test5.test.tianet.de" and "test6.test.tianet.de". For both, I turned on "BIND Domain", "Website" and "SSL Website". Also (don't know if this is relevant) I auto-assigned an IPv6 address to both.

So far, all okay. "Configure Website" is pointing to test5 and test6 correctly.

Now, I rename test5 to test7. Oops, "Configure Website" for test7 is now pointing to the dialog for test6! URLs are the same too: https://lyra.tianet.de:10000/apache/virt_index.cgi?virt=348 for both test7 and test 6 in my case.

Then I renamed test6 to test8. "Configure Website" URL for test8 stays the same as before.

"virt=" numbers for the SSL Website are one higher than the non-SSL ones, in case that info helps.

Closed (fixed)


Did you refresh the left frame after doing the rename?

Also, what output do you get from the command :

virtualmin validate-domains --feature web --domain test5.test.tianet.de --domain test7.test.tianet.de

Servers validate okay (except for the SSL cert warning).

Refreshing the whole page though did indeed fix this.

I was of the impression that after the renaming process the frame was auto-refreshed, since at least the upper combobox was filled with new content, and the formerly open "folders" were closed.

Seems it was not fully refreshed... Might want to look into that, since it can obviously lead to confusion. ;)

Ok , I see the cause .. some left-frame links are cached longer than they should be, in particular the Configure Website link that should change in this case. I will fix this in the next Virtualmin release (3.88).