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AJAX Error: Internal Server Error [500] URL:http://minas-host.net/wp-admin/admin.php?page=sitepress-multilingual-cms...

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Tryed install plugins on a wordpress install all have same error

Howdy -- well, not all WordPress plugins are compatible with each PHP version or each PHP Execution Mode.

What you may want to do though is look in the Apache error logs, and see what shows up in the logs whenever you see that 500 Error. The logs should contain a more detailed message that may shed some light on what's going on.

Once we see what the error is, then we can see what our options are for getting that resolved.

How can I find that error

I my other vps i run php 5.3.6 and the plugins work fine

The Apache error logs for that domain are located in $HOME/logs/error_log.

Alternatively, you can use Virtualmin to see the last few lines of your error log by looking in "Logs and Reports" -> "Apache Error Log".

The error I see in your logs is this:

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes)

That means the PHP app is trying to use more memory than it's allowed to use.

You can correct that by editing $HOME/etc/php.ini, and increasing the value of the memory_limit parameter. You might want to try setting it to a value of at least "64M".

I did that when i saw error now i can install, but after install I get this............... **** You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. ******* and if i delete the install plugin i can acesss the site admin page again.

Well, it's sounding like you're dealing with WordPress configuration and plugin issues, rather than problems with Virtualmin. We can assist in getting the initial WordPress installed, but configuring WordPress and it's plugins is moving a bit outside our realm of expertise :-)

The only two suggestions I have are:

  1. You could try installing a newer PHP version, since it sounds like you've had luck with that on another system. PHP 5.2.x is in the Virtualmin Bleed repository, there's documentation for setting that up here:


  2. You could always try a different PHP Execution mode; Virtualmin uses FCGI by default, you could always try CGI or mod_php. You can change that in Server Configuration -> Website Options.

Just a big question you say that it's wordpress that has error so how com i have all the same plugins install on a cpanel and don't get any error with the plugins I use, when i install the plugin i get....... You are do not have permission to viws this page, it's happens if i ftp in the plugins or i use wordpress press to installll the only way i can get it back is if i delete the plugin directory, i already have a cpanel box i wanted to have a virtualmin box too, i have all install and runnig, just this ......wordpress thing, and it is the script i use most.

Can anyone here with virtualmin knowhow can help me solve this error so i can continue to use virtualmin...PLEASE.

Well, there could be quite a few things different between your cPanel server and this one, any of which could be those a potential cause of the problems you're running into.

As I mentioned above -- not all WordPress plugins are compatible with each PHP version or each PHP Execution Mode.

One thing you could try is a different PHP Execution Mode. If you're still using the default FCGID as your PHP Execution Mode, you could try switching to mod_php.

To change that, you can go into Website Options -> Server Configuration, and set "PHP Execution Mode" to "mod_php" for this particular domain.

Also, when using PHP 5.2.10 or newer -- some PHP applications require you to set "cgi.fix_pathinfo" to "0". You could try setting that in $HOME/etc/php.ini and see if that helps.

i just installed php 5.3 and updated mysql also, i can install some plugins and other i get you do not permission to view this page, , i tredy to use other modes, i updrade wordpress, Again I am using same plugins on my cpanel server , and in virtualmin i get htis error.........

Since WordPress does install and function -- my recommendation would be to contact the plugin author, and ask if they have any thoughts on what might generate the errors you're seeing.

Virtualmin is just a control panel -- all it does is assist you in configuring a standard Apache/PHP/MySQL environment. However, within that environment, there could be any number of settings that may be incompatible with a given PHP application (or in this case, plugin).

For problems like you're seeing, the folks best suited for resolving that problem are going to be those who made the plugin you're trying to use. It's also possible the general WordPress community can assist.

got the problem fixed, thks guys

Great, we're glad you got it working!

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