Web Site Preview - Subdomain Method


I just enabled site previews using:

System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Settings -> Virtual Server Creation

Then I tested successfully by creating a new site "test" which I was able to preview with:


My question is this: how can I enable the same functionality for previously created sites? I don't immediately see how you made that magic work in order to duplicate it!

Maybe a nice command line option?

Thank in advance,


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You could do this by creating an alias for existing domains.. this can be either done via the UI, or from the shell with a command like :

virtualmin create-domain --domain foo.myhosterdomain.com --alias foo.com --dir --web --dns --mail

Yeah, like Jamie said, all the "magic" that this function does is when creating a new domain, it will additionally create another domain, namely of type "alias", for the one you're creating, giving it a sub-domain name of an already existing and DNS-active domain.

Thanks much, that seems to work well.


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