Adding an IP for use as second nameserver only


I have a second IP that I need to make available for use as a secondary nameserver. The IP will not be used for any virtual hosts.

With that in mind, I have read the following comment :

The question is, should I add the IP address through Webmin, or through Virtualmin?

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Howdy -- for using an IP with BIND, you can add it using Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Network Interfaces.

That would add the IP to your server -- and then you can configure any of your services to use it.


I went to Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Network Interfaces and the new IP ( has already appeared there, as follows :

eth0 , Ethernet , , , Up

eth0:0 , Ethernet (Virtual) , , , Up

lo , Loopback , , , Up

Does this mean that I don't need do do anything, and it has auto configured itself?

The "Network Interfaces" screen shows you what ethernet interfaces and IP addresses already exist on your server, as well as allows you to add new ones.

What that means is that someone had manually added that IP address to an ethernet interface on your server. That's perfectly fine; whether it was added from within Webmin or not doesn't matter -- you'd still be able to make use of it.

So yeah, it should be available for you to use now.