MAC - Network Interface

Hi Jamie,

It would be helpful to have the Mac Address on the Edit Network Interface area or as an option in the Cloudmin Managed Systems display area.


Closed (fixed)


You should be able to edit the MAC of an existing interface at System Configuration -> Network Interfaces -> eth0.

I must have an older release of Cloudmin. Attached is what I see. (Darn it all, I am unable to upload a 14.48KB file - Exceed your disk quota of 1MB lol )

I am more interested in just being able to know what the Mac is for WOL etc.. It would be very advantageous on the List Managed Systems screen (Maybe not by default but a configurable option).


Could you email me the image at ?

Also, which Cloudmin version are you running, and which OS is the VM running?

Thanks, I got your image. So this system is actually a real machine, not a VM?

That explains why it doesn't appear on that page .. I will fix this in the 5.6 Cloudmin release.

Thx Jamie.

BTW, is there plans in the next release of Cloudmin to enable the use of the wol client to wake up physical and virtual nodes when clicking the Startup button on the List Managed Systems area?


Wake-on-LAN support is a good idea .. I'll look into this for a future release.

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