Cloudmin OpenVZ initial configuration option

in advanced options:

The Vswap option shouldn't be listed if the kernel doesn't support it (e.g. 2.6.18).

But that is this for actually and how does it work the memory limit in resource limit options?

In my opinion the advanced options should allow to load/save/edit all paramaters of vz-script conf file (webmin style).



I'm not quite sure what you are asking for here .. Cloudmin doesn't support swap on OpenVZ at all (yet).

Did you look at dropdown list of that option? It contains entries like vswap-1012mb etc. They shouldn't probably be there?

Ok, I see what you mean now.

That menu is for selecting the template passed to the vzctl create command in the --ostemplate flag. Any memory, disk or CPU limits from the template will be overridden by the other settings on the form.

Then I don't understand why you even have that list?

This is still in 5.6. Should this be removed?

There are other settings in templates in addition to memory limits though - my though was that users might want the ability to choose those.

I think it would be good to have this advanced feature, but in the current version it is not clear which values are overwritten by Cloudmin (and it is extremely inconvenient to edit the values manually)?

What about the following idea (basically Cloudmin as web ui for editing the values)? The user could choose between simple mode (which would be basically just: guaranteed and also max allowed Memory limit for OpenVZ container) or he could "switch" to advanced mode and edit all values. Helpful would be a feature where all fields from one the existing ve-config-name.conf-sample files would be loaded into the form (chosen by the user).

In any case the vswap value should not be listed, because swappages is not supported by the openvz Kernel 2.6.18?

My idea for that feature was to allow advanced openvz users to use their own templates - Being able to edit all the openvz directives is a nice idea that i might add in future, although it wouldn't be very user-friendly.

I'm surprised that your openvz install offered templates that don't work on the host kernel - which Linux distribution are you running, and where did you get the openvz packages from?

The openvz templates work well. What I said is that cloudmin shouldn't list the vswap conf files in the drop-down list if the kernel doesn't support it (for example 2.6.18).

The other question that I raised is, that it is not clear how this feature works currently (nothing in the help file). Maybe you could describe it in more detail.

Let's say I create a container, set 4GB as memory limit, then go into advanced options and select light from the drop-down list and "use cloudmin system image"? What is supposed to happen?

Cloudmin memory and CPU limits will always override the template ..

I wonder if there is any valid reason to allow template selection at all? If users never make use of it, it make be simpler to just drop the option ..

I think the template feature works (after the user downloaded a template and copied it into the cache folder). But maybe I would include that list in the dropdown list Details of new working virtual system - Cloudmin system image.

The feature "Cloudmin OpenVZ initial configuration option" in its current form doesn't seem to work. So it would be better to drop it (unfortunately) or improve it a lot.