VirtualMin ftp ssh issues

Hi Guys, I have just completed a clean install of Unbuntu 10.04LTS and VirtualMin gpl which was installed via as recomended.

I have created a new virtual server with virtualmin and have been attempting to connect to it via ssh and ftp. I am able to ftp and ssh from the ubuntu host machine to the virtual server with no problems. However if I try from a windows or linux machine on the network with same username and password I get Access Denied. I have checked and cleared all entrys in the iptables.

I am at a loss at how to resolve this. Is there something crucial I have missed.

Regards Tim



Howdy! On an Ubuntu system, you may want to take a look at /var/log/auth.log and /var/log/syslog, which should contain additional information on why the login is failing.

Just to be super sure though, you may want to double-check that the username and password is correct. You can verify what Virtualmin thinks the username is by going into Edit Mail and FTP Users, and looking at the "IMAP / POP3 / FTP login" column.

Remember though that the support area here is for Virtualmin Pro customers... if you're using Virtualmin GPL, you'd want to use the forums for obtaining support. There's lots of folks who monitor those, including ourselves!

If the problem isn't immediately apparent when you review the auth.log and syslog files, my recommendation would be to open up a new forum thread, and to include any messages you see in those log files during the time that you're trying to login. Thanks!