Cloning Virtual Servers

In order to clone virtual servers between two nodes, what are the directories and files need to copy over from one node to another.

/etc /home /var/? /usr/?

Im trying to implement HA Solution here. Thanks. You guys are awesome.



Howdy -- a simple solution that some folks have used for an HA setup is to regularly generate a set of Virtualmin backups, and restore those onto the second server.

How well that would work for you depends on how up to date you need the data to be. If you were to do that once a day, your data would never be more than 24 hours old, and that'd be a pretty simple setup to perform from within cron.

You could use the Virtualmin command line tools to generate that backup, as well as to perform the restore.

There are details on performing a backup and restore from the command line tools here:

Would that do what you're after?