Create System Owner/Edit System Owner page missing DNS Slave zone limit option

There is a "Can create DNS zones" option, but when saving, it ends with a summary of limits and DNS Slave zones is always 0.

I haven't quite grasped how slaves interact with DNS zones; wouldn't that happen automatically on one of the other services machines that can act as a slave? Seems like you'd need DNS Zones and Slave Zones limits to match for that to happen.

While I'm on the subject, do I need to manually configure the Cloudmin Services DNS servers as slaves of one another or does that happen automagically at some point in the process that I haven't gotten to yet?



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Submitted by Joe on Thu, 06/23/2011 - 18:26 Pro Licensee

Actually, I should say when attaching the client to the services master is when the summary occurs:

Cloudmin Services Client
Checking login to services host .. .. done

Checking Cloudmin services limits .. .. your limits are : 10000 DNS zones, 0 DNS slave zones, 1000 MySQL logins, 1000 MySQL databases, 10000 Virus clients, 10000 Spam clients

Saving Cloudmin services settings .. .. done

Basically, master and slave zones are separate "services" that can be provisioned. Typically you would have one system with some number of DNS zones configured, and another with some number of DNS slave zones. In fact if you have two systems, both can have DNS master and slave zones.

When cloudmin services creates a master DNS zone, it will also pick a system to create slaves of that zone on - any system that has "DNS slave zones" set to something other than zero and that wasn't selected as the master is eligable to be a slave.

Does that help?