Send acpi shutdown to KVM guests


I noticed Cloudmin shuts down a guest by either sending the shutdown command through ssh or webmin, where it has access to the guest; where it doesn't have access it just "cuts power". Am I wrong?
Would it be possible to send the acpi shutdown through qemu monitor instead? (i think it's called "system_powerdown"). That would be great, especially as both linux distros and windows (at least 2008) respect this; so cloudmin doesn't have to rely on ssh access which might not even be available at all.

Willing to test if it helps.



That's a good suggestion .. however, it would be hard to implement as the qemu monitor isn't really accessible except via the input/output of the kvm command, which can't be accessed as Cloudmin runs kvm in the background.

There may be some other solution though - I will take a look.