Expanding filesystem to 5 GB ..

just FYI

Fresh CentOS 5.6 install (literally) with vps.domain.org as hostname

did the following - yum update. installed bridge-utils and created bridge - run cloudmin installer - error device kvm issing - rerun cloudmin installer. This time ok - checked DNS, everything looks ok - added IP address to /etc/resolv.conf

Created KVM instance kvm1 (which would kvm1.cloudmin.domain.org) based centos 5.4 image

But Cloudmin keeps loading at Expanding filesystem to 5 GB .. waited 20 minutes.

Copying 615.50 MB image file to host system vps.diskcryptor.org ..
.. already on host

Creating virtual system with KVM ..
.. creation started.

Waiting for creation to complete ............................
.. creation has completed successfully.

Removing missing disks from fstab file ..
.. done

Expanding filesystem to 5 GB ..

But VM is working (for example ssh kvm1.cloudmin.domain.org and then did a successful yum update).



Is the page still loading in your browser? It sounds like the page load may have timed out, since the VM did get created OK (and presumably the disk was expanded to 5 GB).

It is still running. Can I stop it now? :-)

Yes, it probably timed out. But it happens a quite often (I did many reinstalls by now and tested ...)

Is the e2resizefs process (or something else taking up a lot of CPU) still running on the host system?

I couldn't see any unusual processes with ps aux.

Just upgraded to Pro and cloudmin hangs again at:

Running Transaction
  Installing     : wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery                 1/6
  Updating     : wbm-server-manager                                       2/6

Maybe it is my browswer (although I have never seen this with virtualmin before)?

Could be a networking issue .. although a virtualmin upgrade can take a few minutes. You should check if yum is still running on the host..