Cloudmin GPL virtualmin installation bug

  • I installed Centos on a bare metal server (with two ip adresses). Created a bridge br1 and installed Cloudmin GPL.

  • Then I created a KVM vps1 from a Centos 5.4 KVM template (downloaded with Cloudmin). So far so good.

  • Status is SSH. And I can also ssh into server from the internet using the automatically assigned IP address.

  • When I run "install virtualmin" but the install hangs in a loop and doesn't end.

  • Install log and shows (many) messages Hostname vps1 is not fully qualified.

It is probably a bug that the install doesn't return any error message earlier, right?

And does cloudmin expect me to do anything manually during the installation (for vps1)

Closed (fixed)


This is a bug - Cloudmin should be validating the hostname to make sure it is fully qualified before doing the install. I will fix that in the 5.6 release.

The work-around is to set the VPS hostname to something like , and then re-try the Virtualmin install.

Thanks for fixing the bug.

Jamie, I understand the manual workaround (being a virtualmin GPL user for quite some time).

What I do not understand is why there is no fqdn in the first place. I was only allowed to use vps1 without domain as VM name. Cloudmin help mentioned that the fqdn would be added automatically or so (although I didn't understand how this is possible). But it didn't. I also tried to ping vps1, but hostname was not found. I probably overlooked some essential step in the cloudmin documentation?

Normally Cloudmin will add a domain name to the hostname of a new VPS, but only if you have defined a DNS zone for virtual systems at Host Systems -> KVM Host Systems -> your host -> Add KVM systems to DNS domain.

It looks like this is done already (value is cloudmin.IPADDRESS), but apparently something didn't work here.

Or maybe I looked at the wrong setting? In my system it is called Setup a DNS server on this system to enable automatic DNS record creation. There is no Add KVM systems to DNS domain.

I just deleted all VMs, upgraded to Cloudmin pro and created an instance again. Same problem.

You need to create at least one dns zone to add systems to. Click that "setup a dns server" link to go to the page for dns management.

There seems to be already a DNS zone ( and a name server entry which points to

Is more configuration required?

Ok, I am not a DNS wizard :-) So it is ok to answer, that I have to some DNS homework first. I don't expect you to teach me DNS/DIND here.

You need to create another dns zone, a forward zone like Ideally you should then add an NS record to for the cloudmin sub-domain pointing to your master system, so that new VMs are resolvable from the rest of the internet.

Thanks, I guess I expected that cloudmin would do all this magically :-) For example enter the name including the domain as VM name and then cloudmin would do the rest. But you can close the ticket now.

Normally it will create a DNS domain for you automatically as part of the install process actually .. but perhaps that failed. It is hard to say unless you still have the output from the install script around?

I just reinstalled my server with proxmox (just for testing). But I will wipe that and reinstall cloudmin again soon. I will post the log here then.

Reinstalled Centos and cloudmin, but same issue. I tried to locate the install log, but could not find it. There is nothing in root. Also search for cloud.*log.

By the log, I just meant the output from the install script .. do you still have that in a terminal?

No, I don't have it, I will probably reinstall centos again ...

Why doesn't cloudmin write a log like virtualmin?

We just haven't needed to implement it, as the install process is usually much simpler that Webmin.

You can safely re-run the install script again though, and it will re-try to create the DNS zone..

Which script should I run? The kvm script I used didn't work after I installed OpenVZ:

Activating KVM kernel module ..
FATAL: Module kvm_intel not found.
FATAL: Module kvm_amd not found.

Are you running Cloudmin GPL or Pro there?

installed gpl and then upgraded to pro

Ok, in that case it isn't really possible to re-run the install script ..

Was there a reason you did a gpl to pro upgrade when installing on a new system?

I am used to GPL, I guess. I also thought upgrading wouldn't create any issues.

So upgrading isn't really the issue .. the real problem is that the automatic DNS zone creation failed because your system's hostname contains , which is usually reserved for reverse domains!

The proper fix is to create a DNS zone for Cloudmin to use, as I mentioned in step 7.

Interesting in the other topic (OpenVZ) you mentioned that I should put a full hostname in the internet hostname. Apparently it is possible for OpenVZ, but not for KVM (this message)?

Just as a comment (not criticsm). With Virtualmin one can easily setup and host domains without knowing how to setup a DNS Zone manually etc. Everything is niceley automated and one doesn't have to understand everything in detail. I guess my skillset is not enough for Cloudmin (and users like me are probably not the target audience anyway). I will do some more reading now :-)

That's a bug .. in the case where you have no DNS zone to add VMs to, Cloudmin should allow you to enter a hostname with a dot in it. I'll fix that in the next release (5.6).

Ok, that explains it and answers my original question :-)

Actually I take my comment back (see #21). If you setup everything correctly (and not just for quick and dirty testing) and are aware of the bugs (which are fixed now), then Cloudmin automates everything nicely as well.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.