how to assing an ip and specific port to a subdomain

Hi, i have the following problem for 3 days now. It is not a bug but i dont know if i can do that with virtualmin.

I have a dedicated server and a specific ip address. i have the domain name "" with an ip: and i want to have a subdomain lets say "' that when i type it in any browser will point at "" where i have an application running. Is this possible to do and if it is how??

Thank you in advance Yiorgos Katopodis



Yes, you can do this using proxying. The steps to take are :

  1. Create the virtual server in Virtualmin, as a sub-server of
  2. After creation, go to Server Configuration -> Proxy Paths.
  3. Create a new proxy, with the Local URL path set to / and the Destination URLs set to
  4. Click Save

From now on, when you go to you should see content from the app on port 9090.