The Default Spam Filtering rule in Usermin is Camel Case.

Hi Guys,

Playing with spam filtering today I noticed in Usermin that the default spam filter rule is "Deliver to Spam" instead of the standard lowercase spam. Not sure how to edit this, I have looked in the edit Module but can't seem to find where this is set.

So the main issue is that the Filter is displaying the wrong case for the standard ~Maildir/.spam folder. See attached.






Some how between moving from Spamassassin to Spamd/Spamc, removing the Usermin Spamassassin access and restarting usermin this resolved itself.

Now I am getting no rules at all unless an individual has received spam. Is this normal?


That message is expected .. the spam folder gets displayed as "Spam" in the UI, hence the message "Deliver to Spam".



Something interesting : I login as root to Virtualmin and select a Virtual Server, then select the Spam and Virus Delivery and click Save without changing anything. Next, I login to usermin with a user in that domain and look at the Mail Filtering options. It is empty... Attached is an example.

I am not sure how to get the filter back..


That sounds like a bug .. Usermin should be displaying the global spam filtering setting.

If you get the domain's unique ID with the command virtualmin list-domains --domain --id-only and then look at the file with the same name in the directory /etc/webmin/virtual-server/procmail , what does it contain?

Ok, I noticed that a cache file on your system for domains with spam enabled was somehow out of date .. I cleared it, and the mail filter list appears OK now.

Hi Jamie,

I logged into usermin this am and still seeing the attached empty mail filter forward. I have not done anything to this machine since you were on it last.