ssl from comodo

Im planning to buy ssl for one of my server using virtualmin. While buying there are many option to choose and i was suprise virtualmin is not in the list at comodo. Can i just select compatible format like apache-modssl?



Howdy -- well, it technically isn't Virtualmin that's hosting the SSL certificate, it's Apache's mod_ssl module.

What you suggested then would be perfect -- you should be able to use their "apache-modssl" format.

From my recent experience with a Komodo Wildcard Essential Certificate :

Make sure to apply the Komodo CA certificate in Virtualmin or most Browsers will not like the Cert.

To do this, browse in the Virtualmin to the Manage SSL Certificate area for your virtual server. Choose the last tab which is labeled CA Certificate. The Komodo SSL zip for mod_ssl should come with a .crt file and a .ca-bundle file. Upload or point to that ca-bundle file and click Save.

Hope this helps,