WHMCS - Reseller Creation in Virtualmin - You are not allowed to run remote commands

Hi Guys,

I am really trying to get WHMCS to work perfect with Virtualmin and for my setup I have successfully provisioned resellers through WHMCS into Virtualmin but resellers do not have authority to provision through the api it seems.

After a reseller is purchased in WHMCS I accept the order which generates a reseller account in Virtualmin. I then create a new server setup in WHMCS that uses that reseller to connect to Virtualmin for provisioning. But when I try to provision I get the following error: ERROR: You are not allowed to run remote commands

How can I override?





I forgot to mention that this occurs with every Reseller account even when the Administration User option is selected. Please see the attachment.



Hmm, so just to clarify -- can you successfully provision a new Virtual Server through WHMCS when not working with a reseller?

Hi Eric,

Yes, I can successfully provision any of my Server Templates / Account Plans using my admin login. It is only when I try to provision through the API using the reseller login credentials that I get the error message. The WHMCS product is hosted on the same box as Virtualmin I should point out.


The problem here is that resellers do not yet have access to the Virtualmin API - only the root user does.

Hi Jamie,

I would like to officially request this functionality as an Enhancement request then.

I will work around the issue and look forward to it as a new feature in a future release.


It's on my TODO list ..

Hi All Has this feature been enabled because I have the same error message?

No, not yet. It's quite complex to implement due to all the permissions checks needed to ensure that resellers don't exceed their authority.