WHMCS - Create Virtualmin Reseller Account

Hi guys,

Is it possible for WHMCS to provision Virtualmin Reseller accounts like it provisions virtual servers? Does Virtualmin support this sort of thing?

Are you aware of any WHMCS config documentation for Virtualmin setups? I had a fun time figuring out with 4.5.1 that the server must have :10000 after the Hostname and not the IP address for the provisioning to work.

I would like to report that the Shared Hosting provisioning works awesome : )



Closed (works as designed)


We have an API for it that WHMCS could call ... but it would be up to them to actually add the code to provision resellers.

Thanks Jamie,

I will ask them and see if they support it.


Closing this bug, as it doesn't look there is anything needed on the Virtualmin side..