WHMCS - Login Failure Initial Admin Credentials

I can't login to the WHMCS admin area.

I have used the install script for WHMCS 4.4.2 on Vmin Pro 3.84 running on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

When I browse to the admin login and enter the initial username and password it fails to login. I have tried keeping all the defaults with the username and password as well as using simple username and passwords without any luck.

I am using a 15 day trial license, but I don't think that should matter. I checked my license status at WHMCS and it shows the updated info from the install.

Does Virtualmin setup a default admin username and password other than the one shown in the post install screen?

I would like to test this out before my 15 days are up.

Thank you,


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Yeah, it would normally use the username and password from the Virtual Server owner.

One thing you could try is to use the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen, and see if you can get it to reset your password. If it somehow got confused about what your password is, that should correct it.

Hello Andrey,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have tried using the default owner username and password based on the option during the install and that did not work. So I tried manually setting it to several different options thinking possibly there was an issue with ! in the password, but to no avail.

I have tried using the "forgot password" link but it doesn't recognize the default virtual server owner's email. (What is being passed in the install script?)

I have downloaded and installed the zip for 4.4.2 from WHMCS.com and ran the install. I was able to login to the admin area without any issue. I purchased Virtualmin Pro for the install scripts feature and expect them to work on a Grade A OS.

My issue is a bug that needs to be fixed.



My issue is a bug that needs to be fixed.

Don't worry, we're here to help :-)

We're interested in figuring out what's going on too.

The WHMCS install script is brand new, so it's possible that you are indeed seeing a bug. However, that issue never came up during our testing, so we haven't run into this problem before.

What we'd be interested in seeing is what parameters are setup in the admin table for the WHMCS installation that you're unable to login to.

To do that, if you log into Virtualmin, choose the domain for the Virtual Server that WHMCS is installed into -- click "Edit Databases", and then click "Manage" next to the WHMCS database.

Next to where it says "Edit Table", open the table named "tbladmins"

One you see the structure for that table -- click the "View Data" button.

Can you post a screenshot of that particular screen?

In particular though, we'd be interested in seeing what username and email address were setup for the admin user.

Hi Andrey,

I appreciate the quick support. I think you have hit the nail on the head here. The tbladmins is completely empty. See Attached PNG.


Does the domain you were installing WHMCS into perhaps have a username that contains any special characters, like anything other than letters or numbers?

Does the domain you were installing WHMCS into perhaps have a username that contains any special characters, like anything other than letters or numbers?

Does the domain you were installing WHMCS into perhaps have a username that contains any special characters, like anything other than letters or numbers?

Hello Jamie,

I left the defaults during the script install which should be using brockcomputers.biz as the username (domain owner).


That username looks OK to me .. I assume the password was also something reasonable?

Also, were you installing into a sub-server or a top-level server?

The password has a ! separating two lowercase words.

This was an install into a top-level server.

If it would be useful I can let you login to this server. Email me at jbrock@xtremeservices.net



I need to report that this is also occuring in the just released today, WHMCS 4.5.1.

The tbladmins is empty after the default script install.


I did a test install, and I still see the same issue. In fact, I see the same problem even when I modify the WHCMS installer in Virtualmin so that I have to go through the wizard manually!

If you try a manual WHMCS install into this domain (by following WHMCS's own directions), does it work for you?

Hi Jamie,

Yes, a manual install works great.


Which domain did you do the manual install into? I'd like to compare it with the Virtualmin install ..

Hi Jamie,

I have manually installed 4.5.1 using the whmcs_v451.zip from whmcs.com into /home/brockcomputers.biz/public_html/whmcs


Very odd - I am at a loss as to why Virtualmin's install is not working on your system, as the WHMCS wizard isn't reporting any errors back to Virtualmin, yet it simply doesn't create an admin user :-(

Also, when I attempt another install to compare with your manual install, your licence key is no longer being accepted by the WHMCS licence server. Has your trial perhaps expired?

Hi Jamie,

 I recieved the key from WHMCS yesterday so it shouldn't be expired.  I first installed it into the /home/brockcomputers.biz/public_html/whmcs directory path and now it is only allowing it to exist there during an install. Atleast, that is what I beleive to be true.

 Feel free to copy my existing whmcs directory to another name and run your install into the whmcs directory.

 Is it possible that a trial license is handled differently with the virtualmin install than a full license?


It is possible that a trial licence works differently .. or the cause may be due to some configuration of the particular domain you are installing into.

If you do an install into a different domain on your system, does that make any further progress?

Also, for the first domain, what PHP execution mode is selected at Server Configuration -> Website Options?

Hi Jamie,

I think I have solved the issue.

Check what field is populating $d->{'owner'}

On my system the description field is being returned and passed as the Firstname in the user creation peice of the whmcs.pl script. I had a single quote in my description which was probably throwing off the sql creation of the admin record.

Let me know what you find,


Thanks for finding this! That sounds like a WHMCS bug .. but I will work around it by cleaning up the first name field in the next Virtualmin release.

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