New images?


How can I get a refresh of images? The existing ones are sorely lacking - for example "CentOS 5.4 64-bit Xen instance with base OS" has bad yum configuration and had to replace with newer repos from CentOs to get them to work. Lot of things are missing like vi, locate, ntpd and many essential tools.

Anyway - just wondering if cloudmin is providing access to more images to use.





We update the images periodically, but basically all we do is run yum update on a template system and then re-create an image from it. You can actually do this yourself, and if you have additional tools you need it may be a better option that using our images. This can be done using the Create Image page under System Operations..

Also, what YUM changes did you need to make exactly?

Well I created a new vm to host just mysql so I used the centos 5.4 64bit base. My first step was to do yum update, but yum would not work. I can't remember the exact error something about it not finding a connection. To resolve the problem, I copied the yum repos in /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo from another server (dedicated where centos was installed directly) and yum worked correctly after that.

The reason im hesitant to create my own images is because every time I've done so - they become corrupted after a few uses, then I need to create a new image. Perhaps im doing it wrong.



Do you have more images? Any way I can obtain more - like jumpbox?


I've updated the CentOS 5 image to 5.6, with all the latest packages .. and verified that yum is working OK.

I'm very surprised that an image can become corrupt! I'd like to learn more about the exact problem you are having.

Images can also be created by creating an empty system in Cloudmin, installing the OS of your choice from CD, and then creating an image from it.

Hello Jamie,

So you added this image to repository? How do I add it to my list?

I think it was you that assisted me with corrupt images. I had created a new one and I can not longer create new VMs with it. Its likely I did something wrong. I've tried tar.gz as well as uncompressed.



You should be able to download it on the New System Images page.

Regarding the corrupt image, could you open a separate ticket for this? It will be easier to track the issue that way ..

I found the new image - thanks!!

I was looking for old issues because I did bring this corruption issue up in the past. I will start a new issue as soon as I can.



Ok, I will close this bug, and we can discuss the image corruption issue on a separate ticket ..

Actually the image says theres a 1.8 version now. New one i have is 1.7. How do you pull the newer version?


Just check the box next to the image, and click the Download button at the bottom of the page.

Ahh ok i was under impression it would download the image to my local machine. Ok i'd better reread the manual again. Been awhile.

Thanks Jamie!