How do i site preview by IP?

Here is the thing... is bind to ip

without using the control panel, I would like to site preview using

If the above is not possible at least i want to access it by



Howdy -- there's a few different ways you can view a website when it doesn't have working DNS.

The recommended ways are to use either the Preview Website option in Virtualmin, or to create a Virtual Server alias using a domain that does have working DNS.

Those options (and more) are described in detail here:


The thing is I'm trying to implement a High Availability Virtualmin, one of the requirements is ldirectord needs to read a text file using the url 111.90.x.2/check.txt. Can you advise?

checktimeout=30 checkinterval=2 autoreload=yes logfile="/var/log/ldirectord.log" quiescent=no virtual=111.90.x.1:80 fallback= real=111.90.x.2:80 gate real=111.90.x.3:80 gate service=http request="/check.txt" httpmethod=GET receive="webserverisworking" persistent=100 scheduler=wrr protocol=tcp checktype=negotiate

The "Default" domain for any given IP address is what will come up when browsing to your server's IP.

You can set which domain is the default by going to Server Configuration -> Website Options, and set "Default website for IP address" to "Yes".

Once you set a given domain to be the default, you can then put the info.txt file into that domain's public_html folder.