Multiple websites behind firewall

We're running multiple websites behind a firewall(NAT). Do too hard drive failure, We've had to reinstall CentOS 5 And set up the web sites. It worked fine in the past, But since the reinstall have not been able to get it to work again. If you surf to the internal IP address, The webserver works as it did in the past. It displays the first virtual server that you set up. I believe the problem is with dns configuration behind a firewall, but Each configuration that I tried throughout the documentation has not worked. We have two gateways in which have tried both in either work. I've installed the most recent version of Virtualmin. The Documentation does not seem to support the current version. Please help .



Howdy -- you'd want to make sure that in System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Network Settings, that "Default IP address for DNS records" is set to "Automatically detect external address".

Otherwise, as it imports the backups you have, it could put the internal IP address in the DNS record, rather than the external address that the DNS records should have.

Once you verify that setting -- go into System Settings -> Re-Check Config, and verify that everything comes up clean.

If you didn't have the DNS setting set to "Automatically detect external address", you'll need to either re-import those Virtual Servers, or manually fix the IP addresses that they're using.

One thing you could do to test your DNS settings is to input your domain over at, and obtain a DNS report. That can be great for troubleshooting what's going on.

Remember though that this support area here is for Virtualmin Pro customers. If you're using Virtualmin GPL, you can get support from the forums using the "Forums" link above (which we do monitor, along with lots of other great folks).

If the above doesn't help -- my suggestion would be to start a new forum thread, and explain exactly what error it is that you're seeing when things don't work as expected. Thanks!