Migration of virtualmin config and sites between servers

We are migrating from one server to a new server. We have re-installed Virtualmin on the new server, as well as made sure all necessary software is running and configured on the new system. We have been able to migrate all of the websites, users accounts, email, etc. We have nearly everything working properly on the new system... except for Virtualmin.

While we do have Vitualmin installed, we need to know how to migrate all of the configuration data for Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin between servers.

Any advise you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ian



Howdy -- whenever you generate a Virtualmin backup (in Backup and Restore), you'll get a backup of all the Virtual Servers running on your server, as well as a file named "virtualmin.tar.gz".

That file named "virtualmin.tar.gz" contains your various Virtualmin settings, such as the server templates, account plans, backup settings, and so forth.

If you restore virtualmin.tar.gz on your new server, along with the various Virtual Server backups, that should handle all your accounts, email, websites, databases, Usermin settings, and Virtualmin settings.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

I will create that backup from the old server and take a good look at the files in the backup. Perhaps from that I'll be able to come up with a plan for migrating just the relevant data. Unfortunately, the sites were migrated and are live on the new server, so I can't copy over the web content, databases or email files on the new server.

I guess if this migration had been planned out from the beginning to rely on the backup/restore capabilities of Virtualmin, then this would have been a much easier way of completing it. At this point, however, I have to be very careful with what I copy onto the new server so nothing done by my clients in the last few days is lost.

FWIW, the reason the migration of the site files wasn't completely done through Virtualmin was because the datacenter where I keep my production server handled the migration for me. Although all site data is on the new system and nearly everything is working right, it still leaves me having to find a way to get Virtualmin's data copied over.

It appears that I was able to import all of the Virtualmin settings as well as the individual server settings using these backup and restore options in Virtualmin. I used the "just re-import server details" option to bring the data into Virtualmin without overwriting any of the site/user files (as far as I understand). In addition, this appears to have resolved issues we were having with the procmail recipes for email delivery, as mail was previously not being routed properly through spamassassin or clamav. Thank you for your help for this issue.

Would you be able to just confirm that the use of the "just re-import server details" option does in fact only impact the Virtualmin settings? Since the procmail files seem to have been adjusted also, I would like to know what other files outside of just the Virtualmin configuration and data were effected by this process. If possible, it would be very helpful to know exactly what was updated during such a restore process.

Thanks, Ian

The "just re-import server details" option only updates Virtualmin's domains database with information from the backup - it doesn't touch the Apache configuration, home directories or anything else.