Deactivate Suhosin


I have a Debian 6 with the Suhosin patch installed. Is there a way to de-activate this patch for a specific virtual server ? If not, for the whole server.



Howdy -- the Suhosin patch is included by default in PHP by many Linux distribution vendors.

I don't believe there is a toggle switch to disable it.

However. some, but not all, of the functionality it provides is configurable, so you could always try tweaking some of the settings that you're having trouble with.

You can see a list of configurable options here:

You can add those modifications go the Virtual Server's php.ini file located in $HOME/etc/php.ini.


Thanks. I have started to change a few parameters. In fact the problem I have is an AJAX call that hangs in a Joomla! powered site. I "resolved" the issue by turning ON the error reporting in Joomla!. If error reporting is OFF, AJAX does not work. I really wonder what parameter could fix that.

Is there a Suhosin log accessible somewhere ?

I suspect that if it were to generate logs, those log entries would show up the Virtual Server's logfiles, $HOME/logs/error_log.