Remote duplication


I have 2 servers, on one of them I have a mysql database running with a web app.

I want it to be duplicated on another server. Updated continously. One server is in US the other Europe.

The purpose is to have a faster connection, to be able to access the faster server depending on which country is nearest.

Is this stupid or is it possible?



Howdy -- well, there are ways of doing that, though they unfortunately aren't configurable from within the GUI or otherwise supported by Virtualmin :-)

There are ways to set that up though.

Some folks accomplish having a hot spare by generating Virtualmin backups, copying those to another server, and importing the backup. However, it doesn't sound like this would do what you're after, it sounded like you wanted something more immediate.

You could always setup database replication between both machines, and then use a tool like rsync to copy files from one system to another.

Lastly, some folks have had success using DRDB to accomplish that. DRDB is essentially "raid mirroring", but for two servers rather than two hard drives. You can read more about that here:

Thanks for the advice. :)