Virtualmin 3.81 Package Updates is missing

I am running several servers using CentOS 5.5. All are running webmin and virtualmin. One server, though, seems to be stuck in Virtualmin 3.81 because it does not present the opportunity to see Package Updates in the System Information page. I have unchecked the Package Updates checkbox in the system information page settings and rechecked it; still no package updates. My other servers work fine. Any ideas?



Howdy -- you may want to try manually running a "yum update" from the command line as root, and see if that offers any updates.

If not, you may want to compare the /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo file to your other server. If there were something awry with that file, that could cause the problem you're seeing.

Remember for future reference though that the Support area here is for Virtualmin Pro customers -- Virtualmin GPL users would want to use the forums for any questions. You can access the forums using the "Forums" link above. Thanks!