Cloudmin EL6 compatibility


What kind of stability should I expect from a Cloudmin+EL6 (RHEL, ScientificLinux, soon Centos 6) combo? Right now I'm exclusively using Cloudmin (KVM) with EL5, but I'm very tempted by KSM support[1] in EL6.

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Unfortunately we haven't yet done any testing on RHEL 6 or any of its derivatives, so it is hard to comment on stability. We will be bringing up a new server soon using Scientific Linux 6, so we will be able to evaluate Cloudmin on it soon ..

Ah, good good, looking forward :)

Just a question, KSM is used for over-committing memory, right? I don't think Cloudmin allows that actually.

How does cloudmin disallow that?

Currently cloudmin takes the memory allocation for each VM into account and makes sure that they sum to less than the total memory of the host. We are working on support for overcommitting which would allow you to take advantage of KSM, although there are risks if memory is overused and then the amount of sharing possible changes due to software updates on the VM. If this was to happen, VMs would likely be killed in some odd way...

Ok, that makes sense. How are we on supporting EL6 front though, even without KSM?

Cloudmin will run just fine on EL6.

That's great news then, will test this some more first chance I get.