Utilising a Secondary GPL server

Just a quick one,

Is there a way to allow our paid for pro version of Virtualmin, Utlize space on our secondary GPL virtualmin server that we use as a backup MX server ?

Or are there any instructions/documentation that you could direct me to?




Could you explain further what you mean by "utilize space" ? Do you mean use the machine as a backup MX?


Sorry allow me to be a bit more clear, we have a Pro version of Virtualmin installed on our primary server and a second GPL version of virtualmin on another server ( This servers only purpose in life is to act at as a Backup mail server) as you know hard drive space is a finite resource so I was wondering if I could somhow get the pro version to setup new virtual servers on the GPL system so that we could utilize the available storage there?

Sorry, but there is no way to do this practically.

Ok so can it be done if we upgrade the second server to pro as well?

No .. Virtualmin doesn't have any way to share disk space like that. The best you could do is create some of your domains on one system, and some on the other. They could then be secondary MX servers for each other.