Roundcube install script adding .xyz to email address on outbound email (

Roundcube is adding .domain-prefix (.agacademy for example) to email addresses when sending outbound email from Roundcube. For instance I just created a test account for and when I sent an outbound email from Roundcube it sent from This is happening for all of our domains (as far as I can tell).

How can we fix the server so that new accounts are created with the correct email address? Thanks.



Virtualmin should actually configure a new install of Roundcube to set email addresses correctly ..

You can check if this is setup by looking at the file config/ under the Roundcube install directory. There should be a line like :

$rcmail_config['virtuser_file'] = '/etc/postfix/virtual';

And in the /etc/postfix/virtual file you should see entries like : dkuhlman.agacademy

Is this the case on your system?

Jamie that isn't the problem.... I have been working on this for the client and have been trying to explain it but he simply does not want to hear it.

The problem is that when Roundcube logs in a new person under the domain it automatically parses the login name, creates the directory and uses the login name for the identity name.... there is nothing you can do to stop this.

So if your login name is dkuhlman.agacademy that is exactly what RC is going to use to setup the initial identity.

I have gone through every RC doc there is and many people have complained but it not a critical issue by no means.

To edit their Identity is so simple.... Top right shows "E-Mail Address Book Settings Logout" so you click on Settings then in the main frame you will see 3 tabs - Preferences Folders Identities - and you click on Identities then in the left frame you will see your address -- just click on that and the right frame will show the settings you can change.

And this client understand how to fix it..... and this is the reply I got back from him. He doesn't want anything manual or have his clients do anything... claiming they are not tech savvy which this isn't even close to techy. You have to setup identities in any mail client in the first place.... TB even uses defaults which you have to change when it creates a new email account.... this isn't rocket science and I hate being accused of being lazy. If he wants to kiss his clients ass thats his problem not mine. I can't fix what isnt broken.

I understand how to fix it, that’s not the issue. The issue is that we have 1000 users that have this problem and I’m not going to manually go fix them all. If I tell them they have to go manually go fix something that’s broken, and then fix it again every time they add a new email account they are going to go find a new email host. I’ll try to be as clear as I can here: Manually fixing this is NOT an option. I suspect you haven’t even investigated it at this point. I’m not asking you to fix it for free. I’m willing to pay for support, but manually fixing them is not an option. Running a script to fix them isn’t either. It needs to happen automatically for all new accounts that get created. Can you help or not?

dkuhlman do not accuse me of being lazy like your clients I have bent over backwards for these blokes last year when there email was completely screwed up. For a group of "Academy for Sciences and Agriculture" people they can't be this lazy.

So is the issue the identity roundcube uses, or the default email address? In my tests with a fresh roundcube install using Virtualmin, if you login as user.domain the from address is correctly set to

The default identity it creates.

In every install from the scripts the default Name and address has always contained the persons login name... its never removed the domain from the username.domain.

I don't know how you are setting it up by I know the default install does this.

Strange, what sgrayban describes is exactly the problem I have had with SquirrelMail. Originally, I was able to change the code that creates the default identity but subsequent updates would only break it. I had to install a plugin to force users to enter their identity details upon their first login. With RoundCube I have not had this trouble but the similarity makes we wonder if VM might not really be configuring either as correctly - maybe due to differences in OSs? Just a thought. I know I spent far too long on it with SquirrelMail and still have a handful of users with their email address shown as user.domain@domain.tld because they haven't figured out how to change it.

I installed a brand new RC on one of my domains and it does the same thing -- its always user.domain@domain

I have no idea how to fix this short of running a sql replace string every time a new user is added.

For anyone who is seeing this with Roundcube - is the file /etc/postfix/virtual (or /etc/mail/virtusertable on Sendmail) world-readable?

The ones I'm working with has

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 46037 2011-03-30 19:07 /etc/postfix/virtual

I can also tell you that not one RC install had this line $rcmail_config['virtuser_file'] = '/etc/postfix/virtual'; that you mentioned.

You should add that line if it is missing then. It may be missing if you upgraded from an old version of Roundcube..

Still the same problem -- see attached

Does it also show that incorrect address when you compose email?

Also, if you do a fresh install into a separate directory, do you still see the same bug?

I think I'd need to login to a system that is seeing this issue to debug it further ..

Ok I activated the support login for the server -- -- you should be getting a email for the remote login soon.

Thanks - logging in to take a look now.

Ok, I see the cause - in roundcube's config/ file the plugins line was not correctly set to :

$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('virtuser_file');

Fixing this solved the issue - but only for users who haven't logged in yet. Otherwise roundcube caches the old incorrect identity in its database.

I'm not sure how this could be missing, as Virtualmin sets that option for new roundcube installs..

So I'm suppose to go through at least a couple hundred RC installs between 24 servers and add those two lines just to fix this ?