Virtualmin deleting email accounts

Dear Sirs,

I am using WHMCS with Virtualmin Pro. This is hard to reproduce... I have realised after some time that when a virtual server is disabled virtualmin deletes the Qmail accounts associated with it.

How do I fix this?




So this happens when the domain is just temporarily disabled?

Also, are you just using regular Qmail, or Qmail+vpopmail ?


Using Qmail+Vpopmail

I have also noticed that the virtual domain administrator is unable to create new email accounts. I have changed all the configurations possible and still no options for the virtual domain manager to create new emails

Please help me, since this is a production server. Invoice me if needed


I'd have to login and take a look - you can send me login details at

Just out of interest, why did you go with Qmail+vpopmail? It isn't the mail server Virtualmin installs by default (Postfix), and isn't as well supported.


I have been using qmailtoaster for over 5 years. I have just sent the details to your email


I logged in and looked at the domain "" , and found that no more mailboxes could be created because the limit on mailboxes (5) for that domain had been hit.

Which domain were you seeing this problem for?


Jamie, the problem occurs in all domains.

Make a simple test, create a domain name, then add a mail/ftp user to that same domain and then disable the domain.

From that point you will see that the created user is gone.

When you enable the domain the user wont come back.

This is very urgent


Ok, I see the cause of this - virtualmin is deleting mail for the domain when disabling, which with vpopmail deletes all the users!

I will fix this in the 3.85 release. I can send you a patch if you like?


Please, please send me a patch as soon as possible I really afraid of losing my client data

Thank you very much!!

Ok, I am sending you an updated RPM now. I'm assuming you have a standard Virtualmin install from RPMs on CentOS?