php5-mysql missing after install

I installed Virtualmin twice on a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 VPS. Both times it was missing the mysql extension. It looks like the installer doesn't install it automatically anymore. Installing it manually with apt-get install php5-mysql seems to work. Shouldn't it install automatically?



Yup! It should be :-)

There's currently an issue with the Ubuntu install script that a handful of packages such as that aren't being added automatically.

Joe is looking into that, and I'll pass this along to him in case he has any further comments.

Virtualmin will install php5-mysql for you, if you use the Install Scripts feature to add a script that uses that PHP module..

Okay, hope you guys can fix it. What are the other packages that aren't installed in with this Ubuntu install script? Something (potentially) important? I am running a live website on this installation.

All the big things like Apache, MySQL, PHP, Postfix, and similar would be on there. Your server should be functioning normally :-)

There's only a small handful of things that wouldn't have been installed, and those should all be apparent when installing web apps you're planning to use. Most web apps these days will tell you during their installation what all they require that's not currently installed. Those that don't -- you should see a message regarding anything missing in the log files in $HOME/logs/error_log.

Okay thank you! Found out that GD-library wasn't installed either while trying to run a certain web-app. After running 'apt-get install php5-gd' the GD-library was installed too.