Backups failing

I just set up a new NAS to backup to. It's mounted on the server via NFS. The server can see it and write to it just fine with one recurring problem. I've fired off a few backups only to the NAS and each time it fails in the same place:

Backup failed : Failed to lock file /path/to/backup/ after 5 minutes

Obviously the domain isn't domain.tld.

I can backup the same domain locally with no problem but not to the NAS. All the other data is written correctly, only the .info file fails.

Any ideas?




Does the file /path/to/backup/ exist, and if so is there a PID in it? And if so, what running process has that PID? That would be the process currently holding the lock on the backup file..

No, Jamie, there is no PID.

Does the system Virtualmin is running on perhaps not have permissions to write to files on that NFS server?

Actually, another possible cause could be that locking is not working on NFS. You can test this by turning off locking for that directory at Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> File Locking, by selecting "Lock all files and directories except" and entering the NFS mount point into the text box.

The system definitely has permission to write to the NFS share as the TAR'd backups are being written. The breakdown only happens with the INFO file.

I'll check regarding your suggestion about the File Locking and let you know how it goes.