proftpd seg fault

When I click start proftpd in Virtuamin it seg faults. Here is the message from log

Mar 23 10:43:46 purespa kernel: proftpd[15443]: segfault at 0000000000000068 rip 0000000000465324 rsp 00007fffb3067e60 error 4

Any ideas?



Segfaults are often a sign of a hardware problem of some sort. It could be a memory or disk problem, for example. Another alternative is if your RAM is running low.

If you're using a VPS, you may want to talk to your VPS provider to make sure the RAM on your VPS is dedicated, and that other users can't accidentally eat into it.

If it's a dedicated server, I'd suggest doing RAM and disk tests to make sure neither are having problems.

You may also want to use RPM to verify the integrity of your proftpd package. You can do that with:

rpm --verify proftpd