LSB tags and overrides in '' required for Debian 6.0.1 (x64)

Hello fellow Virtualmin-users,

Few days ago, I installed a fresh copy of Debian 6.0.0 (x64) on one brand new web server. Right after that, as always, I installed VirtualMin with the installation script. The installation went smoothly and VirtualMin worked fine : as always !

VirtualMin then told me that 10 updates were available (base-files, console-setup, firmware-linux-free, isc-dhcp-client, keyboard-configuration, linux-base, linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64, login, passwd, tzdata). Because I heard of the recent release of Debian 6.0.1 and because the server is not yet used, I decided to go through these updates. VirtualMin executed the updates in the order I just listed them. But, I started to get warnings/errors after "isc-dhcp-client":

Main warnings:

insserv: warning: script 'S99lookup-domain' missing LSB tags and overrides insserv: warning: script 'lookup-domain' missing LSB tags and overrides

Other warnings consecutive to the main ones:

insserv: There is a loop between service (service_name) and (service_name) if started insserv: loop involving service (service_name) at depth 1 insserv: Starting (service_name) depends on (service_name) and therefore on system facility `$all' which can not be true! insserv: Max recursions depth 99 reached

I think that Debian 6.0.1 enforces the need of "LSB tags and overrides" in the header of each startup files.

What do you think? How can we modify the 'S99lookup-domain' & 'lookup-domain' scripts to comply with this new requirement?

I found the answer in this forum thread: -- CREDITS GO TO USER ZIMAGE -- You can find the new header to append to your '' file in the attached '' file.

But this file needs to be updated in the current version of VirtualMin so no more user will get these warnings.



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As usual, I forgot the attachment.

Yeah, there is a bug in the default Webmin config on Debian - creation of LSB-style headers in init scripts is not on by default. You can enable this by editing /etc/webmin/init/config and at the end adding the line :


However, this will only effect init scripts created from now on. So your manual fix to /etc/init.d/lookup-domain is a good work-around.

The next release of Webmin will fix this properly, by making the creation of LSB headers the default after installation.


Thanks for having considered this issue and for your perfect solution.

I will post your answer in the forum thread because it's the first result for this problem on Google.


Because I had some spare time, I reinstalled the whole server from scratch and added your line "init_info=1" to my "/etc/webmin/init/config" file right after the end of the VirtualMin installation (before going through the wizard).

With this modification, VirtualMin does indeed create the revelant LSB header for 'lookup-domain' but there is still some warnings because the generated header is not fully compliant.

insserv: Script lookup-domain is broken: incomplete LSB comment.
insserv: missing 'Default-Stop:'   entry: please add even if empty.
insserv: Default-Stop  undefined, assuming empty stop  runlevel(s) for script 'lookup-domain'

I am not a purist and I know it's a small thing but maybe this can be corrected to avoid the users getting 20 lines of warning and so, optimize their VirtualMin experience :D

I put this ticket status to "Active" because I am not sure this thing was fixed.


Actual VirtualMin generated header for 'lookup-domain':

# Provides: lookup-domain
# Required-Start: $network $syslog
# Required-Stop: $network
# Default-Start: 2 3 5
# Description: Daemon for quickly looking up Virtualmin servers from procmail

Thanks for following up on this - you are correct, Webmin / Virtualmin isn't setting the Default-Stop: tag.

I will fix this in Webmin 1.540.

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