BIND update after enable the mail or web feature


i use a custom DNS zone file template with if checks like ${IF-MAIL}, ${ENDIF-MAIL}... But if you enable a feature after the initial setup of the Zone file, the DNS records for mail never be inserted.

Maybe it is usefull to insert the mail entries after the activation of mail (or web) feature.

Best regards, Patrick



MX and records do get automatically created, but only if you aren't using a custom DNS template. Virtualmin assumes that if you do have a template, it will contain all the needed record types ..

Is there any reason why you have a custom template?

Yes, we want to set the mx Record to an static value. It should be instead of mail.$DOM.

Do you virtual servers have mail delivered locally, or is it all sent to some other mail server?

If the latter (implying that you don't have the "Mail for domain" feature enabled), you could just select the "Add above to automatically generated records" option and in the records box enter :

${DOM}   IN  MX   5