Clamav internal fighting

It looks like there is some sort of internal finger pointing about the lack of any clamav updates on there mailing list and there hasn't been a update for either lenny since Feb. or squeeze which has never had a update.

So debian users are stuck at a old version(.95) from last year. It was posted that the squeeze updates would be at a new updates suite -->

That hasn't been done either and there seems to be some finger pointing at to who is at fault here. So I was hoping that you guys could start creating the debian clamav packages until the kiddies stop fighting over the toys.



Assigning this one to Joe, as in the unlikely event that we were to create a ClamAV package, he'd be the one to do it...


Debian 6 still doesn't have clamav 0.97 yet. Lenny was finally updated yesterday but debian squeeze still seems to be left out.