(KVM) Boot from PXE


Now I'm just being picky :) Is there a chance to have KVM machines boot from PXE (so we can bring linmin/cobbler/etc to the party)?



Maybe .. although I haven't tried this.

You could create an empty VM with a CD image attached. After creation, go to Resources -> Manage Disks and remove the CD. Then go to System State -> Change Boot Method and set the "Boot device" to "Network". Then shut down the VM, and start it up again..

You may then be able to use the Graphical Console page to complete the network boot process. I'd be interested to know how this goes..


Will definitely try this out, but it will have to wait some days before my next night shifts. Installing Windows by hand sux, if this works.. it'd be great.

Bah, talked to network engineering and apparently we can't test cloudmin+linmin just yet due to some technical limitations... I hope this limitations will be overcome in the near future and we can do some testing. :-(