Trac permissions issue with svn

Hey there - I have trac+svn installed on a subdomain , using current install scripts. It seems a cron script is resetting permissions on /home/user/domains/ to 770, which results in Trac displaying an error:

SubversionException: ("Can't open file '/home/user/domains/': Permission denied", 13)).

I'm able to fix this by doing chown -R o+rx /home/user/domains/ but it then gets reset, I believe by a cron job, but I haven't tracked that down, yet.

In case it may be of importance - this system uses LDAP for authentication.



Virtualmin doesn't setup any cron job that would reset permissions ...

Is there perhaps some action in Virtualmin that is triggering this, like modifying the user?

sorry for the slow response, I'm watching over a series of days trying to figure out what's up...I don't think anybody's logging into virtualmin at all over the period that things are changing. I'm going to continue to keep an eye on things, will let ya know if I figure it out.


Ok, thanks .. let us know what you find.