what to setup for multiple hosting mailserver

Hi there Just installed a debian 6.0 and vitualmin Pro - All went perfect.

Primary domain is domain1.com on ip

I then created 3 virtual servers :

domain1.com domain2.com domain3.com

The 3 websites works perfect.


Have the 3 domains at a free dns service:

the 1.st domain is set up like this:

HOST mail.domain1.com MX mx1.domain1.com

the 2.domain is set up like this HOST mail.domain2.com MX mx1.domain1.com

the 3.domain is set up like this HOST mail.domain3.com MX mx1.domain1.com

I simple cant figure out what to configure and where to setup the mail system for sending and receiving mail on the 3 different domains.

Can anybody help....

Beste regards Bison



Howdy -- well, is there anything in particular that's not working at the moment?

In general, if you have "Mail for Domain" enabled for a Virtual Server (in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features), and there's an MX record setup for that domain (which you have at your remote DNS service) -- you should then be able to send and receive email.

If there's any part of that setup that isn't working for you though, let us know and we can get that straightened out.

I'll offer that since you have DNS setup off-site, you probably want to disable the "DNS Domain" feature for your Virtual Servers, so that your server doesn't try to use it's own DNS settings.