virtualmin professional themes

Hi Jamie,

for us virtualmin ptanro user, can you provide us with more professional, modern look themes.

or, is there anyone outhere makes virtualmin themes? webmin themes is quite old and too simple.

any guideline for making virtual min themes?

thank you




sorry. wrong category. i moved it to feature request

i think webmin / virtualmin really need a theme refreshment. almost 6 years i'm using webmin with the same plain white themes.

may be as special edition or something like that.

i my self not that good with theming. and years of using webmin, not that many themes created for webmin. even paid themes are that rare.

i recently used David Harrison's themes to make some refreshment.


We completely agree .. however, a good new theme will require changes to the core of Webmin itself to improve the UI and allow it to be more flexibly themed, which we will be working on first.